Short Biography

Whether he is singing or playing trumpet, Julian is always on the move searching for different ways to express himself musically. At 23, he has been on 3 world tours with Blues artist Earl Thomas and continues to tour in the USA. When he is not touring, he is in the studio cooking up some delicious melodies for artist all over the industry. He can't wait to see what the rest of the world has to offer!
Keep Moving Forward- Walt Disney

Full Biography

Julian has had musical interest from a young age. After being exposed to the Violin, Recorder, Piano, Guitar, and Vocal elements at Oak Park Elementary School in sunny San Diego, he decided that trumpet would be the instrument for him. From the 4th grade on he began a musical journey like no other with Jazz changing his whole life in the 7th grade. His natural raw talent for the trumpet began to flourish and would be displayed in the coming years. He definitely was not shy when it came to performing.


At 15, Julian and the SDSCPA Jazz Combo were asked to play the 98.1 Smooth Jazz Festivals in the Gaslamp Quarter. But it wouldn’t stop there, playing on national television for the Cox Cable: A Salute to Teachers in 2011, he was recognized by many as an upcoming star. He was also nominated for a National Youth Award for best supporting actor as The Lion in the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts production of The Wiz in 2012. Since then he has 

Keep Moving Forward- Walt Disney